1. We’re really excited to announce the launch of the DIYPHL PA Share! 

    Why a PA Share?
    DIY PHL and its related programs/events hope to break down barriers to participation in our scene. Limited access to expensive gear is a hurdle that prevents many from setting up their own shows or events. To combat that we purchased a PA — complete with mixer, mics, stands, and all necessary cables — with community funds from First Time’s The Charm, an event that featured 17 brand new bands, each of which included a musician who had never played in a band before and emphasized diversity and inclusiveness.

    For all the details of the PA Share, click here! 

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    this is cool and i wish it existed in SF
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    This is still going strong! 4 months in and the PA has been at 24 shows/events and has a bunch more scheduled for the...
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    This is so rad!
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    eez beautiful
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    (more gear instructions in comics form, please)
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    Useful and inspiring! I dream of squalor getting communal gear some day!
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