1. Available this month: PHL 2012: A Year in DIY, a photo anthology of Philadelphia DIY in the past year.

    Since February of last year, DIYPHL has listed hundreds and hundreds of events in Philadelphia, passed out thousands of fliers, and printed nearly a dozen unique monthly calendars designed by different artists. Needless to say, we’ve been busy. 

    But that’s only because this is a busy city. Thousands of bands, musicians, and artists performed in a wide array of non-conventional spaces this past year. There may well have never been a day without a DIY show. Philly is a pretty special place.

    That’s why to commemorate the past year in shows (and our one year anniversary), we’re publishing PHL 2012: A Year in DIY, a 60 page, perfect-bound color book of photos from the past year, featuring submissions from photographers in Philly and beyond. 

    The book will be released at the Ladyfest Galentine’s Day benefit show at Cha Cha’Razzi on Saturday, February 16th at 7pm. 

    Pre-orders are available through PayPal — send $10 for pickup, and $12 for postage paid within the US, to diyphl@gmail.com. Please be sure to include a note with your name, and shipping address if applicable.

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    Our friends at DIYPHL launch their new photobook at our benefit tonight. We’re excited. Are you?
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    Hey hey heyyyy if you like punx, bands, and diy culture in the translation of photos BUY THIS BOOK! I got some photos in...
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    who contributed to this rad book! Check out DIYPHL...buy a copy. They
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    Reblogging for the night crowd.
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    Got a photo in this book, put together by a rad group of people.
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    used it (I’ve heard nothing either way) but yo its...cool project regardless!
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    Buy a book. Reblog. Go to shows. Be punk.
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    yo carol’s on the front diy ocean city?
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    Photobooks! I will keep spamming you about the photobooks! Buy em, y’all.
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    Our bouls over at...year. Check it out
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