1. bthny:

    Callus learns how to set up a PA. Thanks DIYPHL!

    A newer band recently used the PA Share PA for band practice before their first show, which is tonight at Lava Space! 

    Learn about the PA Share and how you can use it here: http://diyphl.com/content/pa-share

  2. everydaypants:

    Whoa, hi. Check out this month’s #diyphl artwork by Michael Bukowski! @illustro_obscurum



  3. Hey everyone! Please submit your October shows within the next week! By the 25th in order for it to go on the print calendar. This is also a good time to mention that if you submit your show, it WILL go on the calendar. DIYPHL is submissions based only! We don’t pick and choose what goes on, it isn’t a curated list. The only times we choose not to list a show is when it isn’t in line with our mission statement. So get them in to get them on!Http://www.diyphl.com/ and hit submit. October’s calendar art is being done by Michael Bukowski.

  4. everydaypants:

    PA Share maintenance night. So far, the PA Share has seen three broken mic stands, one blown speaker, one broken mic cable, a broken part to a speaker stand, and a shredded stands bag. Not bad at all considering how much this thing gets hauled around. The PA share has been at 68 different shows since February!

    Sign up for the pa share! Go to www.diyphl.com and click on the PA Share link for more info.

  5. New calendar day! Thanks to JP Flexner for creating August’s calendar art. Check out his work at http://jpflexnercreative.blogspot.com/

    Go to www.diyphl.com which just had a ton of shows added. 


  6. Hey y’all. If you have any shows booked for August, submit them to DIYPHL now! (go to http://www.diyphl.com and hit submit.) There’s only 5-6 days until we are putting together the print calendar. August’s calendar art is being done by JP Flexner. 

  7. New calendars are out today! July’s artwork was done by Ariel Lin.


  8. Don’t support/book/attend/play shows at JR’s in Philly

    Head’s up, y’all. This is the type of thing we mean in our mission statement when we say “We do our best to exclude events with bands, performers, and venues that promote, condone, or willfully ignore racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and any form of malicious exclusion or intimidation.” We won’t be listing any shows that take place at JR’s anymore.
    TW: Assault
    We received this message:
    I am both saddened and disgusted by the events that took place last night at Jr’s bar. I am writing this with hopes that neither you or your friend ever book shows or patronize this hate filled, sexist establishment again. (This is a long story, so go to the bottom if you want to get to the point)

    On June 14, my friend, Jacob Brunner, of the band Strawberry Hands booked a show for his friends from Providence, a band called Tapestry. Some others, Zell Row and Mike Bruno, both of the weirder darker folkier variety were also scheduled to play. During Jacob’s set (acoustic guitar), what i thought was a rowdy bar patron started getting very obnoxious shouting things at Jake, threatening him, shouting at someone else in the audience, and just generally being a huge belligerent jerk and making everyone feel uncomfortable. He was a typical older south Philly guy with a group of about 3 others and one young girl. The old man proclaimed he was the owner and that he hated what Jake was doing, that he wanted to hear an upbeat song, and kept mimicking the sound of gun shots all very loudly. Mind you, they were maybe 10 people in attendance for this weird folk show happening at Jr’s on a Saturday night- if you haven’t been there before, the space is small. The vibe was weird at this point, but we’ve all dealt with ass holes in the crowd before. Jacob ended his set early and the band from Providence started setting up. 

    One of the 10 people in attendance walked back into the bar after smoking and was asked by one of the older South Philly guys if she had a problem. To which she replied, “no, I just think you’re a douche bag.” They then started shouting at her and told her to get the fuck out. She said ok and turned to grab her back pack and leave when one of the older south philly guys grabbed her by the shoulder and punched her hard in the face. Things quickly escalated, and all of these things happened within a span of about 10 seconds. Most people (the 8 people not playing) were outside smoking and heard the commotion, one of them being the victims sister. Naturally, she ran inside to see what was happening and found her sister trying to protect herself in what was almost a full throttled bar fight against 4 old south philly guys. Everyone tried to hold everyone back and stop things from getting even more out of control. We just wanted to leave as quickly as possible. The girl who was punched hit one of the older men in the head with a beer bottle. The man who threw the punch kept yelling “i didnt know it was a girl” and “he-she weirdos”, the 4 south philly men, the owners of JR’s, were yelling things like this. To them speaking and behaving in this manner is common place, not a big deal. What I witnessed was maybe a hate crime, and definitely NOT ok. 

    They kicked everyone out, even the bartender Steve, who I guess is the one who handles the show bookings. They continued yelling hate filled obscenities at us the whole time the bands packed up.

    If you don’t feel like reading this whole thing, just know the people who own JRs bar (excluding steve) are horrible people and do not deserve your patronage. You should not book shows there. It’s a real shame to see something like this happen in a space that has been so welcoming to so many sects of the Philadelphia music community, but this behavior shouldn’t be tolerated anywhere. Please Share.
  9. everydaypants:

    I have to say - nearly every time the PA Share PA gets returned after being checked out for a show - it comes back in impeccable order. This system wouldn’t work if it was any other way and it rules that we don’t even have to ask. People just get it.

    37 shows in the past 3.5 months. The PA Share is running like a champ. Thanks to all the PA Share members who have treated this community resource with care. Http://www.diyphl.com for more info on the PA Share and how to become a member.

  10. Y’all! DIY PHL finally has a new website! Much simpler, easy to use, and works well on your phone. http://www.diyphl.com/ Now you can submit your shows with your show flyer, and adding shows on our end is easier than ever which means it will get updated much faster and stay updated. It also will feature the monthly artwork each month.

    Submit to your hearts content. Thanks soooo much to Sharp Hall for designing the new site.

    Spread the word and submit your shows!